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From unemployed to 

point of reference in the fashion sector

Becoming alandmark it required years of sacrifices, hard work, commitment and a lot of determination.

It wasn't always easy, however the perseverance I had allowed me to change my way of thinking and consequently acting.

That's why today I want to be the support which will accompany you to learn a satisfying, motivating and rich in opportunity.

Premiazione Leonardo Angelo da parte di Michela Arrigotti

My story

My work history begins immediately after graduation... many years have passed now, but I remember exactly the sensation of disorientation and loss that I I know exactly how you may feel right now, I lived it!

After finishing school, like many kids, I embarked on a university career, but shortly thereafter, I realized that it wasn't for me, so I decided to throw myself into the world of work, with all my inexperience!

I didn't know where to start and how to start  and I looked for “something” that could be suited to my passions.

Completely "in the lurch", I took and sent my CV, with very little work experience, to some sales outlets in a shopping center in my area.

After several months, a thousand interviews, and a thousand times the question "tell me about yourself", a thousand times "we'll let you know" I understood that I had to change strategy

As? By communicating differently, otherwise I wouldn't have arrived at one. 

I tried to modify my language, and my approach to recruiters. 

Every time I saw the door slammed in my face, I analyzed my behaviors, and the reactions I received. What a pain!

Then came the fateful interview for an Italian underwear company... I immediately had a more professional approach, I was confident... mindful of the previous interviews. This mine change on a mental and physical level he brought me to be part of the staff a few days after the interview!

However, the road was long, I didn't have the slightest idea of what I should do or say to customers... how to behave... I was completely lost... I felt really in difficulty...

So I decided to ask questions to my more expert colleagues, to try to glean some notions that could help me, to follow their communication guidelines, to find out about fabrics, sizes, bureaucracy... everything that could help me. .

There were many "test" customers, to whom I tried and tried to sell something... and there were many times that I couldn't conclude. I kept failing, I came home in the fear of not succeeding, angry and disheartened, with the desire to quit and change jobs.

It was a very long and uphill road... full of difficulties and discouragement.

I decided to take courses in personal training to increase my communication skills, my non-verbal language, better interpret the needs of my clients.

Thanks to all this I was able to understand and communicate better...and I saw some tangible results.

However, I often returned in total darkness, because not all customers are the same, and communication must be different depending on the person and I was just at the beginning of my training.

A continuous up and down of sales and the fateful NOs.

In some cases by applying what I was studying, everything was fine, in others I still had to improve... until I found it my method: being able to communicate effectively, becoming more empathetic with people. (It also benefited my personal life!)

And here... after 15 years of hard work on myself, changing stores and colleagues, changing types of customers, I have managed to become a point of reference for my staff... or rather, for every staff I work with daily basis.

And it really is a satisfaction!

I have included in my course 15 years of failures, problems and solutions that will help you reduce study times and worries in this sector and in others too! Yes, because everything I have included in my course can be applied to various sectors and not just the fashion one, as well as exploitedto improve some aspects of your personal life.

You who are unemployed, or you who are trying to understand how to improve sales or even change jobs or companies, now have the opportunity to shorten the time and "know" how to deal with all the dynamics that you may encounter on your journey to growth!

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