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Genderless or gender neutrality



Fashion and music, an endless combination. Everyone loves music, whatever kind of music it is, it accompanies us throughout our lives, as well as fashion. How many of you over the years had a favourite singer or a favourite band and somehow tried to resemble him ??? I think everyone! This is why I say that fashion and music go hand in hand, often the most followed fashions come from the world of music, and the catwalks ride the wave inspired by the singers! On November 20, 2022 the 50th edition of the American Music Awards was held in Los Angeles, and think a little among the winners were Maneskin, the Italian band that in recent years is depopulating wherever it goes! No, I'm not changing course in my blog and I'm going to talk about music, but I wanted to talk about their style of clothing, this style that in recent times has returned to prominence also thanks to them! In fact, let's talk about the Genderless style, or genderfluid! Translated means without gender, a really current discourse, without gender identity. It's a way of expressing oneself without limits, gender fluid style does not pose the problem of labels, there are no female or male garments, it's all part of a vortex called fashion, and anyone can have the freedom to wear what they prefer, when they prefer. Fashion must be able to be freedom of expression. Looking at the Maneskin performances at the various concerts, or even in the premieres you understand and realise that this style is part of them. For example, the nude-coloured jumpsuit, or the garters and tulle dunces of the various components, this style according to many is purely extravagance only able to be noticed, but it is not accurate, it is a way of demonstrating that the abilities of a person not dependent on his style of clothing or life in general. If we think, this style has already existed since the sixties, I'm talking about David Bowie, he too has always been stupid with these "special effects", or even Prince...and so on. It is not an extravagance of our times, and it does not depend on a person's sexual orientation. But what does all this have to do with the work of a Sales Assistant ??? Centre, because since it is fashion it also touches the sphere of sales. You may have to recommend a genderless or androgynous look, and here you will have to be able to take into account both the diversity of style, without falling into the excess of extravagance. There have always been unisex dresses, that's exactly the point, genderless style is a unisex style, which is good for everyone, without differentiation. What style do you have? Are you more classic, genderless or extravagant??? Write me in the comments!

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