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In a working day the tasks to be completed are very many, and all different. Stress can increase, and complicate the situation even more, that's why you have to follow three tips to be able to work at your best and more productively. You know well too, that you can do a lot on your own, but you can't do everything! Now I will reveal them to you so that I can manage all the tasks in the best possible way. Prioritise yours All jobs are important, however some are more necessary than others, but how to understand it??? Prioritise the various tasks, which must be carried out first in order to facilitate the work, and which immediately after and after again, and so on. If you can't do it mentally, take pen and paper, and write down all the tasks to do, so you'll have even clearer ideas. Writing black on white helps a lot, trust me! This list of priorities will allow you to have everything under control, and also understand what you will have to do, and what, instead, you can delegate to other people. I understand that in your opinion it may seem futile, however it is the exact opposite because it gives you the opportunity to focus exactly on the tasks, the time to perform them, and the difficulty of the work itself. Organise the work After completing the first step, you will have to physically organise the work and tasks to be completed. What exactly do I mean by organising?? Simple, organise all steps, one by one to be able to work with a more effective and faster method, so as to achieve the final result in the best possible way, however in the shortest possible time. This organisational ability will be even easier for you with experience, however, if you think about the actions you need to take for each job, you understand exactly how you can speed up the work using the most suitable tools. To delegate This is the third advice, and it is, in my opinion, the most difficult! Delegating means entrusting a task to someone else, it means asking someone for “a hand”, I know it seems like an elementary action, however, I assure you that often asking for help is the most difficult phase. At first, I have to admit, I was always trying to get by on my own, over time I realised that it was not the most correct solution. Working alone the time goes on, we still have two hands, so we can't do a thousand jobs all together. And above all, with the passage of time the concentration decreases, it is more than natural. So you decrease the likelihood of getting a job done correctly. You know, delegating is an act of trust, but not only that, self-confidence increases because you always try to do your best, trying to overcome your limits. It's a help for both sides! Everyone must know how to do everything, however, you can't do everything yourself! Sharing tasks, tasks, successes and even failures, unites a staff, and helps create a Team! The Team is in fact the union of people with different ideas and skills, who work for the same purpose, to achieve common goals, to improve together and communicate effectively! These tips are not only for your work, these 3 tips, they can be useful to you for all areas of your life. Asking for help so you can accomplish what you want, what you need to do, always helps you! Do you want to have more notions to be able to better organise and manage your work? Find out how I can support you during this time! Follow me on or click here for a free half-hour video call.

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