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We are all always under pressure for something, and certainly not achieving the set goals is disheartening. Sometimes it will seem difficult for you to find the right solution to be able to improve sales, understand what to focus on, understand how to move by making progress. Well, there are weapons in your favor to be able to do all this and that can help you get exactly where you would like. Work on the quality of the service you offer Don't think about selling just to invoice, always think that the way you do it is what it's worth. When I talk about quality, I simply mean that you have to be able to work on some factors that you can control every day. Have you ever heard of KPIs? I'll briefly explain what they are and what they are for. KPIs are the key performance indicators, they serve to control sales, your and point of sale performance. These indicators are mathematical reports concerning the data of the point of sale itself. If you work on this data, improve the quality of the sale itself. Give yourself the opportunity to offer each customer a complete outfit, give yourself the opportunity to do a cross-selling, in this way you will be able to improve the average of your receipt, and this leads you to sell more even with a minimum presence of customers. I understand that it is not easy, in fact, sometimes it is really complicated, however you have to force yourself to do it to every customer. It's really an excellent way to achieve your goals. That's why I tell you work on quality, not quantity. The quality of the sale also leads you to have greater customer loyalty, and this always goes in your favor. Communicate with the customer Communicating is the basis of our work, to tell the truth communicating is the basis of our life. You communicate all day, with all the people you meet. You don't just communicate by talking. In fact, communication is not only given by words, communication is also your behavior, your gestures, the tone of voice, the way you speak. From this you can well understand that you communicate even by being silent. When you relate to someone, that someone sees and hears what you say, how you say it, when you say it, and they do it unconsciously. When a customer asks you for advice, listen to them proactively, they really listen to what they ask of you. There is a big difference between listening and hearing. Everyone is capable of hearing, but listening is more difficult, you have to understand what you are told. Ask questions, ask, inform so that the message you are being told even clearer. Speak simply and clearly, you have to make yourself understood and understood in the best possible way. Effective communication improves all your work, and not only, it improves the way you relate to other people, whoever they are. Recognize emotions Understanding the emotions of your interlocutor will give you the opportunity to be able to communicate in More effective way. Emotions are an important part of communication, they go hand in hand. Thanks to your emotions you can be able to communicate better, and by understanding the emotions of others you will be able to "correct" your behaviors. Emotions can be perceived by the intonation of the voice, from the gestures that a person performs, conscious or unconscious whether they are. The emotional reactions that a customer may have, will show you whether or not the customer is satisfied with what you propose. If you find a person who is not very attentive to his requests, if you don't know he feels understood. Emotions help you to be empathetic with the interlocutor, therefore with your client, and empathy is the synergy that can be established between two people. This is really important to know and remember. You really have powerful weapons at your disposal, and you have to learn how to make the most of them. Click here to book a FREE 30 Min video-call with me where we will go to understand how I can support you in your journey! ...And don't forget to download my app to stay up to date!

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