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3 Tips for the PERFECT GIFT

SANTA DOES SANTA ALWAYS GIVE RIGHT AND SUITABLE GIFTS ??? Here is one of the busiest times of the year for a sales assistant ... I'm talking about Christmas! Phrases like, “can someone help me?? Do you make the gift package? Are you closing?” They echo in all points of sale, right?? We all know that the race to get the right gift for friends, family, classmates, professors and so much more, for a sales assistant is among the most difficult times ... not because they are not able to do it, but because often indecision is the master! I have been through a lot of Christmas parties in the store and I know how sometimes people may not understand our effort, our commitment to try to help them in satisfying the wishes of customers, in keeping calm while those customers do not even know where to start choosing. And it is true that in the end we then have our satisfaction that leads us as "superheroes" to tell us that again this year we have saved little Santa Elves. Now knowing all this I want to give you some advice dear sales assistant regarding Christmas gifts! You raise your hand who has never had to make a change of size, or model or colour of a Christmas gift ??? When under the tree a person finds sweaters, or pants, or any other piece of clothing, on December 27, very often he will come to change it ... and why does this happen ??? Simple, because often the gifter does not think of the recipient, but of himself, and you can't blame him! So the advice I want to give you is very basic and concrete to be able to help a customer in this whirlwind of Christmas gifts. First, ask your client to think about who should receive the gift...his hobbies, tastes, favourite colours. Ask questions about who should receive the gift, is he a cold person ??? Do you love a particular colour ??? Do you hate something??? Maybe you have a trip somewhere on your schedule? Based on the answers, propose something inherent. If a person is cold, he recommends, perhaps, a set formed by gloves, hat and scarf, if, on the other hand, he has to travel, or travels often, he recommends some easy-to-use garment that does not have problems with ironing (tend in the suitcase the clothing wrinkles!). Play cunning, in this sense. Second, if the customer is not sure about the size of the person to whom he has to give the gift, try to divert his decision on accessories, so as to overcome the size problem. Example, with a bag with a neutral colour, you are hardly wrong. Or a poncho, or shawl, tries to divert the choice over one-size-fits-all items, and always look for fairly neutral colours (not everyone likes shock colours!). A possible gift can be a small costume jewellery, of course if your Brand sells it, a simple necklace to match everything, from morning to evening, is always a winning choice! Third advice ... a gift card To date, all brands and stores make them, so, in case your customer has no idea what to give ... use this weapon ... propose it ... remember the existence of Gift Cards! So the conclusion of all this talk, what is it??? Ask questions about who should receive the gift, remember that the gift must be tailored to those who receive it, not those who do ... try to advise in the best way with the weapons you have at your disposal in the point of sale and use the little tips you have just read !! I guess you'll have to make Christmas gifts too, so think about who should receive them too and don't think about your personal needs. I confess a personal thing to you, my sister and I have diametrically opposite tastes ... To give her Christmas gifts, or gifts in general, I have always chosen something that was completely against my personal taste, (I swear I'm not kidding) and you don't know how happy she has always been with my gifts! Precisely because of this basic idea ... I never thought of myself giving her gifts, and for this reason I have always managed to get them all right ... of course, my sister I know her very well, that does not mean that I was focussed on her tastes and standards! And you, have you always managed to make the right gifts? The gifts you found under the tree have always been to your liking ??? Also share this article with someone who is always in trouble about what to give for Christmas and don't forget to visit my site

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