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The coolest styles for next season! 2023 has begun and like every year fashion renews something of its being. 2023 has a lot of news in store but some winning trends persist and I would say thank goodness! This year's woman and man will have the opportunity and above all they will have to indulge themselves with the garments they will find most suitable for their physicality and personal taste. The woman will be able to play on the matching of floral prints, in all possible features. Large and showy flowers, or small stylised flowers don't matter, the watchword is bloomed, bloom again, that's exactly what fashion wants to show! Pairing these colourful patterns with plain-colored garments will make them stand out even more. For the day, and now, even in the evening, Denim always win, paired with shirts, tank tops or blouses. However, it changes in its cut, it tends to be comfortable and oversized, wide and masculine, for a woman who changes and becomes more dynamic and always on the move. Denim is always a must every year, and it’s a truly timeless garment because of its ability to be versatile. To impress and move an outfit you can use the fringes that are always among the trends accompanying the feathers, applied ad hoc on accessories and skirts, but also dresses and pants. Remember, however, that ‘too much chokes’, so dose these applications, otherwise you may be grotesque. The ‘vedo-non vedo’ is emphasised until it is almost a complete nude. For those who want to dare it is really a winning choice. Almost transparent dresses and jumpsuits sometimes overly, but not only that, you'll find this transparency in blouses and skirts. So, really minimal outfit. Gonnelloni and palazzo pants always among the musts, for their characteristic lightness and freshness, and I am really happy about this, because they are garments that I particularly love! For the evening, but also for the day the ‘pigiama’ suits return to great, comfort and elegance in a perfect combination. The kimono borrowed from the oriental style are added, but they are renewed in the fabrics. As for the colours always win are the pastel colours, with a greater tendency for green, in all its gradations of shades. If you remember we talked about colours, and what they can show, well green demonstrates reliability, balance and serenity. Very important will also be the use of natural colours and earth, for a warm and simple style! As for male fashion, on many concepts it follows female fashion. They win, also in this case, the denims, especially torn, that you know give that casual touch that in recent years we have been sought more and more assiduously. The prints to be matched, in this case, are made in the optical style, of the real paintings painted on shirts And t-shirt. The suits become soft and fluid. The jackets become unstructured and the pants with soft and comfortable lines. Even with the elastic at the waist, for greater comfort. This is because the suit is now not just an outfit for work, from that touch of elegance even for a simple outing with friends! The colours to choose will be the gradations of the beige, the biscuit, and the colours of the earth. Cowboy style returns to make the style and choice of outfits even more lively and diversified. Pointed boots, wide-brimmed hats, belts with important fringes, and fringes will host it. The fabrics that will go for the most, of course, are those of extreme lightness. First of all, cotton and linen also returns. The novelty will be, on the other hand, the sponge, a technical fabric and studied in recent years to give more freshness and comfort. The news, as you have seen, is really many, and they are always evolving and changing. Fashion never stops, even in the course of work, everything changes and can change, and this is precisely the beauty of this world, there are no fixed and static rules. However, trends are never obligations, your style and personal taste must always be the basis of your outfit, you have to keep your personality in your way of dressing, you don't have to distort yourself to follow the fashion of the moment. You can, perhaps, implement your outfits with some trendy garments to renew your outfit, without excessively modifying your mould and your personal elegance! What do you think of these 2023 trends?

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