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Maximise effectiveness with foreign customers as a customer

The 3 fundamental principles Working in a store allows you to meet different people every day and all day. You have a great chance to work in touch with customers of all kinds, and from all over the world! And this should absolutely not scare you, on the contrary, it must give you the desire to learn to communicate even with people who grew up in a completely different world from yours. Of course the first problem to deal with in this case, is certainly the language, however a basic study of English will give you the chance to overcome this "limitation". A tip I can give you to overcome this problem, if you hadn't studied English at school, is to take a small basic course so you learn the main notions! Learn the vocac inherent in your work, the main ones, so that you will be able to speak in more detail and correctly. (You can also learn vocabulary in other languages, so if they ask you something in their language, you will know what they are referring to. I was lucky enough to have Russian colleagues, so as to also broaden my language bases) But what are the principles to be used for selling to foreign customers?? Always think that they live in places with different temperatures and climates than yours. I'll explain better, you will happen to meet Russian customers, or Arab or South American .. here, the climate and temperatures in their countries, you know very well, which are completely different from our areas so think and work on this concept. Each country and people has different ideologies and cultures. The culture of a people, its ideology, is always manifested in people's behaviour. That’s why you need to know from the beginning where your customer comes from. You can obviously understand it from its physical features, however at times they can deceive, so you can safely ask for it. This will help you understand what types of garments to target you, and what features they might look for in clothing. Ask questions. Again ask questions, don't worry or be scared if you don't know the language perfectly, it's not an English exam! But asking questions to the interlocutor will give you a way to understand a lot about the customer, and what they are looking for. Simply ask questions. This is the question. So you will also understand how to communicate effectively with him too! These 3 basic principles can be useful to you for a sale with foreign customers. Always remember that to communicate you also use the body, gestures, expressions, even in this case it will be so, even if you do not speak the same language and you will notice the same unconscious movements that we usually and very often do too, they are universal signals! Want to know more about how to deal with a sale with a foreign customer click here for a video call, of 30 minutes FREE directly with me! Or write me an email at and follow me on my social media.

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