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Men's Fashion Week in Milan

2024 news and trends Yesterday ended the Milan Fashion Week, dedicated to men's fashion for next winter. Do you know what it is? Definitely yes! However, I want you to realise what Milan Fashion Week really is. This event is not just parades, it is a presentation of the novelties that will take place in the various houses, it is a set of creativity, modernity and contemporaneity. A mix of emerging styles, classic styles innovation and trend. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the creations of the best fashion designers and to get to know the debutants. All this in a breathtaking setting, namely Milan, with its museums, its parks and its culture, one of the most influential and inspiring capitals. Anyone can watch all of this, because it’s all streaming too, so you can be ‘everyone’s reach’! It is also a time of meeting for the ‘employees’, so that we can have the opportunity to exchange ideas and considerations about everything that is evolving in the fashion world, to be discussed on the innovations of recent years. There has been a lot of news, and it's not over yet. Among the most anticipated events of this edition is the opening of the week with the fashion show of the maison Gucci, recently divided by its former creative director Alessandro Michele. But not only that, Armani’s style that remains timeless, and also Zegna who closed this very high fashion week on January 17, 2023. This week he also saw some debuts on the catwalk, I'm talking about the London brand Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, and also ADD, Bonsai, Charles Philip, Iuter, Sestini, Tagliatore and Valsta. We are talking about numbers, in all there will be 21 the proposed parades and 31 the presentations, in addition to these the showcases and the digital content, we are talking about a total of 72 appointments in 5 days. I would say, so it's been a week from the calendar really full of appointments and emotions! I can't, so don't talk about the Gucci fashion show, with its change of course after the abundance of its creative director. This change of course in his style we all noticed during his parade, he maintains his genderless style, in most cases, however with a really sensational minimalism in colours and lines. After the years of Alessandro di Michele characterised by a mix of bold shades and prints, the maison is researching its style, and it began with an essential minimalism. Another exciting wait, the great and always current Giorgio Armani. His vision of elegant and sophisticated fashion, always makes him a certainty. Its assiduous pursuit of elegance, practicality and convenience always makes it current. Also in this parade he wins his style suitable for every occasion, but always at the forefront. Last appointment by date, but not by importance, Ermenegildo Zegna, one of the largest existing clothing companies in the world. Again, high quality goes perfectly with modern trends. Its unique and innovative options make its fashion practical and at the same time interesting. In addition, it reflects the personality of the wearer, so that everyone can express themselves. In this parade he played with one of the most iconic fabrics, cashmere, always changing shape and use Important event held on Friday, January 13, the centenary of Colmar, which for the occasion presents a new collaboration for its Luxury line, ‘Colmar Revolution’. And now we just have to wait for the Milan Fashion Week in February, to admire the news dedicated to the women's world! Want to know more? Follow me on my website

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