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"Welcome to my world" The theatre of a Sales Assistant Hello reader, welcome to my house! First I introduce myself... My name is Michela Arrigotti and for the first time in my life, I decided to write a Blog, already the first time ever ... I wanted to start this new experience because I would like to give advice on what I do ... what is my job ... Now I'll explain better ... let's start from the beginning ... My work is about the fashion world, in fact I am a Sales Assistant, for those who prefer Italian a Sales Assistant, and it is a job that has been part of my life for more than 15 years! Often my work is mocked with the phrase "bend t-shirts" far I've gotten used to it, and I'm laughing at it... A sales assistant is a mixture of technique, communication, analysis and, why not, psychology ... Don't be scared eh ... it's a 360 degree job that gives a lot of satisfaction, not always there It would be missing, but most of the time it is like that! I decided to put the notions acquired over time in black and white to give the opportunity to people who want to undertake this job ... or if they are already doing it, who want to confront me in the difficulties they can find daily! What I learned, I learned thanks to the "gavetta" in the store, my colleagues, the training courses, the research I've done over the years... I started working at the age of about 22, I had tried with college career, but he soon realised that he wasn't part of me (I don't want to admit it but I didn't feel like studying, in those days!) So I threw myself headlong into the world of work. The first real job was in an underwear and socks store, and trust me, I didn't know Not even where I was shot, what should I do, what should I say, I looked like a little girl During the first days of school !. At first it was difficult, because I saw my colleagues, with experience, moving with an awareness that I did not possess at that moment, so, a little intimidated, I got advice from them, to understand the basics to be able to combine something, and from here ... I fell in love with this job! I stayed in that company for several years, then moved on to something more structured, namely men-women's and children's clothing. They were important years because they taught me so much, different realities from which I was able to draw my first acquaintances. After about 5 years I switched to the sale of men's clothing, in a small reality that allowed me to also learn the whole management part of a point of sale (which in my world is very important), and refine the sales and communication techniques that over the years I have learned. The last, but not least, step was to move to a long-lived Italian Brand (more than 90 years of life) that has more than 150 points of sale throughout Italy, and many in the world. This adventure really gave me a chance to grow again, and find out how I could be even more effective in my work communication, both with clients and with staff and my bosses, and I had the ability to become a point of reference for others! And here we are, here we are ... this is the concise story of my career path that has lasted for more than 15 years, during which I have treasured many teachings that I also use in my personal life! This blog, therefore, will deal with fashion, however associated with communication and sales techniques, how a Sales Assistant can be able to effectively communicate his ideas and learn how to improve his performance and achieve his goals! I am not a fashion guru, and I am not a sales guru, and I will not teach you how to be the best seller in the world, I already tell you this, my intent is to support you in the daily difficulties you will encounter, because trust me you will meet, so that you know how to better manage the result! That's why I created a training course and do private consultations to lead you to become a professional Sales Assistant and achieve your goals through communication! If you want you can book for a free consultation with me at this link You can also write to me in my contacts. Mail: Telegram: @Michela_Arrigotti Instagram: michela.arrigotti Facebook: Michela Arrigotti Michela Arrigotti I have worked for brands such as Golden Lady, Conbipel, Scarpe & Scarpe and Luisa Spagnoli, refining my sales and management techniques year after year. To date, I am a reference point in my area. My secret? COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNICATION Are you ready to go into this amazing world?

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