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WHICH ONE REPRESENTS YOU? The style of clothing communicates something about us, and communicates what we want to demonstrate, but even the colours are able to show and communicate something. The matches we use, the colours we decide to wear are able to express something. But how to understand what the colours show? How do the colours speak ??? How to understand what is the right colour to wear ??? Colour is one of the main elements of visual communication and can have a huge influence on the way people perceive a message. For example, colours can be used to indicate the emotion of a message or they can have social and cultural connotations. Choosing colours to wear is important because colours can affect our image, mood and personality. The colours we wear can have an impact on how others see us. They can also help us communicate a message about us. For example, wearing bright colours may indicate that we are extroverted and love to have fun, while more sober colours may indicate that we are more introverted or reserved. Colours can also help us express our emotions. For example, a person wearing a bright colour might be happier than a person wearing darker colours. How do they affect our mood? For example, light, light tones can help us feel more relaxed, while brighter colours can help us feel more energetic. Today I would like to explain to you what meanings the colours that can be seen most worn have. First I'll tell you about the green, which I personally love. Expresses hope of renewal. It is the set of blue and yellow, and from both colours it takes characteristics, to give a feeling of static, balance and self-control. If this colour is worn it gives the impression that you are proud of your abilities. Another very important colour for what it demonstrates is blue; in fact, it refers to reflection and wisdom, quiet and serenity. Those who wear blue want to show their abilities of intuition and empathy towards others. Brown in its part demonstrates a need for well-being, from the physical to the sensory and emotional point of view. It's a colour that helps give relaxation! Brown is a warm, dark shade that can range from light beige to deep black. It is a mixture of red, yellow and blue and is often associated with earth and wood. Brown is a neutral shade that can be used in any environment, from classic to modern. Yellow is a colour that symbolises enlightenment, calm, hope and optimism. Yellow is often associated with feelings of creativity, intellect and open-mindedness. It's a colour that inspires energy, vitality and optimism. It is also the colour of sunlight, hope and happiness. Very important colour from a visual point of view is red, Intense and exciting primary colour. It symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, desire, love, joy and determination. It is associated with life, action, motivation, pride and leadership. White, as everyone knows, demonstrates personal awareness, self-awareness, transparency, the exact chromatic opposite, black, demonstrates dominance, emotional control and attractiveness. The last colour I'm talking about is gray, which in recent years has gone back a lot of fashion, and communicates objectivity and neutrality; in fact, this colour is the intermediate between black and white! But why do you have to know the meaning of colour communication ??? Apart from personal knowledge, you will be able in this way to understand even by analysing the clothing of an interlocutor how and what he wants to show others, how to be able to interact with him/her in the best way, in an empathetic way. Don't take these descriptions as laws, not necessarily if a person wears red, it means that he loves power and supremacy, but you will have an extra grip to understand and know how you can behave if someone wears this colour ... even if it may happen that he dresses like this only because he is attracted to that colour. However, think about the most common colours for men's clothing, namely blue, black and gray, now based on what you have read, you will understand the reason for choosing these colours! Or, another example, often we sales assistants have black or blue splits, that's why...everything is studied to have a very precise meaning... Now you can be delighted and find the meanings of the other colours so that you have a wider overview of their meaning so that you can better understand the next customer who will enter your store or simply the person you will meet. Now you are ready to analyse the colours you wear to see if they reflect your emotions. Open the closet, check your clothes, and understand if the colours you own really communicate your mood. Tell me what colours you're wearing and I'll tell you who you are. If you are interested in learning more about this topic or want to improve your colour communication, book a free consultation here!

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