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The dress does not make the monk

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

PROVERB OR TRUTH? An Italian proverb cites ‘the dress does not make the monk’, we all know it, and we all know that the theory should necessarily be this, that whatever our taste and style of clothing, it does not frame our personality. However, you know it too, which is not really like that... How many times, for example, have you had a job interview and tried to dress professionally and appropriately with the company you were introducing yourself to? The question arises spontaneously, why??? The answer is very simple, because the clothing, the style, always demonstrates something about us, in a sense, we can say that ‘speaks’, it has a communication of its own! The style you adopt in dressing, demonstrates something about yourself, demonstrates what you are, what you are and gives an idea of yourself, whether it may be correct or not. Your clothing shows where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you do, what is a priority for you. What are your aspirations and also your emotions. Stop for a moment to think ... if you see a man in a suit and tie, or a woman with a suit your mind immediately thinks that he is an “important” person, who does an “important” job in a large company, if you see the same person dressed in t-shirts and jeans, you have a different idea, maybe he is a very “easy” person, and you think that he will be in a different contest.

You will ask me, "why is this happening??? Why does a man in a suit and tie arouse this impression”? Try to understand the jacket and tie, the waistcoat, the men's dress are associated with a specific status-symbol. This tailoring standard has always been associated with business, a medium-high target, office work. So if a person gets dressed this way, regardless of their occupation, but simply because they like it, anyone who looks at them will associate them with the business! Why many companies using specific uniforms, or specific company colors ??? Precisely for this reason! Now, this whole speech comes from an anecdote that a few days ago a colleague of mine told me ... but that in any case has also happened to me over the years, and that you will surely meet too so I took the ball at the leap, and I started writing ... Now I'll tell you... This colleague of mine served customers to whom he ‘would not have given a euro’ (as they say) for their clothing, however they proved to be high-voted customers ... but he had not realized this on his own until later. So, that's why you need to learn to understand the type of customer you compare yourself to each time. How???? Let's say that non-verbal communication (Posture, gestures, look, facial expressions, proxemics (distance) and para-verbal communication (they are the expressive elements of the voice, pauses and punctuation) will really help you a lot. How a person speaks, how he moves, what language and what words he uses ... everything is part of communication! Always remember it, communication is the set of everything, the words, the language, the tone of voice, the gestures it makes, the posture it uses, the mimicry it uses, the movements... EVERYTHING! Learn to analyze the people you meet ... every time you know someone tries to find something about her / him, try to understand what person is from what he communicates starting from clothes, to how he "sit", how he walks, etc... I have learned to do this over the years, and I still do it because it is a very useful help to be able to interact and use effective communication with your interlocutor! Have you ever thought about all this??? Have you ever thought that starting with simple clothing you can communicate something??? Now try to analyze your clothing and try to sense if what you wear proves what you really are. You will also discover interesting things about yourself. If you want more advice, go to the website and ask for information or through my direct channels such as instagram or telegram contact me privately and together we could analyze how to best use your clothing to become more effective in your communication.

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